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As highlighted in our press release yesterday, part of the funds raised from our new pre-order will be used to help us to tour more extensively next year. So then...we already have South America and North America in the pipeline for 2016 (dates will be announced soon), but where else should we come and play? Looking forward to reading your suggestions..... ... See moreSee less

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Neil DeRosaIf you come to Boston, not The Paradise rock club! Although it was amazing seeing you for the first time when you came a few years go, the club is a nightmare. A new venue opened in Cambridge called The Sinclair. Work looking into! Can't wait till you come back to North America! :) <32 minutes ago
Gary PageDe La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill, East Sussex is a great venue. In the last few years Suede, John Grant, Band of Horses, The Decemberists and many more have played there. A really great South Coast alternative to Brighton3 minutes ago   ·  1
Ralph PischekCaracas is in the tour?8 minutes ago
Graham JohnsonCornwall please. More specific than that would be Falmouth. Even more specific would be my back garden. Plenty of beer and crisps. Let me know coz I'll have to move the rotary line 😉9 minutes ago   ·  5
Patrick HoffmannHello To Strasbourg in FRANCE ????2 minutes ago
Paul NorthgravesCome to hull! City of culture 2017 and it be fitting to have the most cultured band of all time to come and play!!2 minutes ago
Allan CoullA few Scottish dates please 😀8 minutes ago
Derwin McfarlandBelfast or/and Dublin !!4 minutes ago
Dan OgusSomewhere south of London please e.g. Guildford, Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton, Bournemouth...9 minutes ago   ·  1
Javi TerrazasCHICAGO8 minutes ago
Kevin JardineCarlisle would be nice,you know us low lifes up in the north of England.Seems no group these days go past manchester6 minutes ago
Steve ChildThe forum in Hatfield loads of parking great venue holds around 2000 easy to get to and its nearer for me :-)7 minutes ago
Stephen BinghamBirmingham UK, it's been a long long time, hasn't it?12 minutes ago
Maly ReyesDon't forget Mexico City three dates at least, pleaseeee! :)7 minutes ago
Erica MallatOntario, Canada. Some great locations outside of Toronto too. Check out the Venue in Peterborough.44 seconds ago
Stefan SchmolleBremen, Aladin12 minutes ago
João MaurícioLisbon and warsaw pkease!4 minutes ago
Leo DaflonRio !9 minutes ago
Liz ManningCleveland....home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (which opened 20 years ago yesterday)!10 minutes ago
Jan Mikael EkbladHelsinki, Finland. Thank you. 😃12 minutes ago
Steve MossGroningen Oosterpoort please. :)9 seconds ago
Jesper Savkov HolmCopenhagen off cause. You have at least one sold out show in copenhagen if you come and you know it:-)18 seconds ago
Julia Llama BanachCologne or Bonn!8 minutes ago
Oswaldo RamirezYou covered my parts of the world... Dr. Oz11 minutes ago

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Ah the lovely Tom Robinson... ... See moreSee less

The lovely Tom Robinson came to the Racket Club Studios to interview us about our new album pre-order...and various other things:)

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Martin GormanNice interview-was of course distracted by what looks like an Astronaut photo behind Mark and Pete...... Pre-order placed-a wonderfully stress-free experience!15 hours ago
Jürgen Braunpre-ordered already "Signed Special Edition of Album 18 With Name In The Credits + AccessPass"19 hours ago   ·  3
David TolarIs this the same Tom Robinson that did "2-4-6-8 Motorway" back in the '70s?19 hours ago
Beth ParksGo Project 18!!19 hours ago   ·  4
Robbie Dominic" war baby " is a classic....17 hours ago   ·  1
Rob BirdYes David Tolar18 hours ago   ·  1
Stephen BinghamSing if you're glad to be gay! :)17 hours ago
Berend BotjeMoney, money, money...6 hours ago
Linda JacksonPre-order done, CANNOT WAIT for our two items !!!17 hours ago
Luca CasamentoJust ordered the "Signed Special Edition of Album 18 With Name In The Credits + AccessPass"..........i can't wait !!!17 hours ago
Alex AlvarezMichelle :D10 hours ago

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Marillion added a new photo. ... See moreSee less

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MarillionWell it’s that time again. You’ve been asking us when you can pre-order the next Marillion album. That time is now! As you know, we have spent much of the year holed up at our studio, The Racket Club, jamming, writing and recording. It’s still early days but the initial jams are sounding like we really have the potential for something truly outstanding. There’s still a lot of work to be done and we can’t be sure when we’ll have it finished but our hope is that our 18th studio album (as yet untitled) will be ready for release some time in early 2016. We’d like to offer you, the ever-faithful, the chance to pre-order it now. This time, however, we are excited to announce that our pre-order campaign will be bigger and better! It has become obvious to us however that this campaign has outgrown what we can achieve alone. Marillion who, with your help, literally invented “Crowdfunding” (or “the Direct to Fan” model now so prevalent in the music business) back in 1997, have decided to join forces with the new masters of the art, PledgeMusic. We consider PledgeMusic to be the best of the crowdfunding companies and have decided, after much thought and many meetings, that PledgeMusic offers the band and our fans the most exciting possibilities. Albums sold through PledgeMusic are chart-eligible giving Marillion a shot at a good chart position. PledgeMusic have offices worldwide with many more staff than Racket and will make the entire process more manageable and, we are assured, even more customer-friendly than the high standard of service we normally provide. As you will see, this also gives us the means to add even more items and experiences for you to choose from. We hope this campaign will raise more money than ever before so that we can fund a marketing campaign deserving of our album across many territories. This campaign will also aim to finance a longer and more impressive tour enabling us to reach more of you with a knockout show production. PledgeMusic have the same level of great customer service that we pride ourselves on and totally understand the relationship that we have with our fans, so you can order with the knowledge that you are in safe hands. We hope that you will be as excited as we are at this news and we thank you, as always, for your love and extraordinary support. Many bands say it, but WE know it. We have the best fans in the world. After all, together we started this thing! H, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve23 hours ago   ·  116
Mildred AlbornozGreat video!!!! Can't wait for the album.......22 hours ago   ·  3
Andrea Locksmith RaddiI'd like to hear something! ;)21 hours ago   ·  1
Jason PerryRip off n over priced21 hours ago   ·  2
Eddie Presleyit better be good and stuff.22 hours ago
John SposatoIs there a name yet?22 hours ago
Hans DegrauweNo XXL T-shirts in that campaign ???22 hours ago   ·  1
Mark AllenCheck out the video, hillarious!22 hours ago   ·  5
Claire Chris PuxleyCannot Waite hope there's a really big UK tour in the new year guys be great to have a new marillion album At last Pux22 hours ago   ·  1
Philip PoynerNice promo shot!22 hours ago   ·  1
Mark AndersonLooks like Mark is saying "you set the self timer for five seconds didn... Shit!"22 hours ago   ·  1
Akihiko YanagisawaCan’t wait❗️23 hours ago   ·  3
Christopher AshbyPlease please add another option of Special edition with the blu ray instead of the DVD. Happy to pay more. Blu ray shouldn't be exclusive to the ultimate box.17 hours ago   ·  2
Jean PhilippeNo CD+LP bundle or CD+BR bundle unless you spend 227 euros??? WTF??? Oh, great video by the way !21 hours ago   ·  2
Benoit St-jacquesJ'ai hâte d'écouter ça. ..22 hours ago   ·  2
Rob PocilukWould you believe you don't have the item that I wanted to order? I was looking for just a special edition, not signed, no name in credits. Damn.22 hours ago   ·  1
Claire Chris PuxleyCannot Waite hope there's a really big UK tour in the new year guys be great to have a new marillion album At last Pux22 hours ago   ·  1
Elaine HughesPledged!22 hours ago   ·  1
Steve FryerYou should have shares in Pledgemusic considering you came up with the idea!18 hours ago   ·  1
Tsead BruinjaLooking forward to hearing this and I will order it eventually, but I think it is a real shame that there are no cheaper options for the blu ray. Steven Wilson gives his fans the choice and doesn't make them pay over 200 euros for a surround mix. I would love to hear an explanation for this.18 hours ago   ·  1
Richard KoopmanRuik aan de foto, Niko..18 hours ago   ·  1
Stuart RussellWill buy one of the smaller editions; fancy the big box but the price is shocking compared to similar 'sized' bands and doesn't reflect the contents. Looking forward to it nonetheless22 hours ago   ·  1
Andy TracyAsia has been discovered, guys. Pop over.23 hours ago   ·  1

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