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Below is complete information on Racket Records Credits. If you have any questions that aren't answered, just contact us and we'll be happy to help!

What are Racket Records Credits?

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What are Racket Records Credits?

Please note: Racket Records Credits have now been discontinued. However, you will still be able to use any existing credits that you have to purchase items in the Racket Store. Racket Gift vouchers are still available, but are now available at 'Face Value' so 10 credits cost £10.00. 20 credits will cost £20.00.

What can I buy with Racket Records Credits?

Currently, you can purchase all Front Row Club releases on CD or Download, all Marillion Racket Records Download releases, most Racket Records releases on CD and DVD, and the majority of clothing,

However, any Club Releases on CD or Download will ONLY be available for purchase with credits. We will have made previous Front Row Club titles that are out-of-print on CD available again as Front Row Club Downloads - again, only available to purchase with Credits.

Things you CANNOT pay for with Credits include all Solo releases, CDs by other artists, Web membership, high-value or limited-edition merchandise items, special-offer items, shipping charges, and (of course) more Credits!

How do I use Credits at Racket Records?

First, you much purchase Credits separately, or otherwise 'Top Up' your Racket Records Credits BEFORE purchasing any Club Releases or Downloads.

When you log in to your Marillion Online Account and make a purchase, before reaching the payment stage you will be able to choose which items you wish to purchase with Credits, and will be shown how many credits you have remaining.

You can use the + and - icons to add and remove credits from certain items until your credits run out, or the >> and << icons to use or remove the full amount of credits against an item. Then you simply continue through the 'CHECKOUT' stage as you would normally.

You can combine 'credits' and 'normal' purchases in one shopping basket A weight-based postage charge will be added on accordingly on any physical item that we need to ship to you; unfortunately you cannot pay for postage in credits.

What if I don't have enough credits to pay for an item completely?

Don't worry about having left-over credits, the new system will allow you to part-purchase items with a combination of Credits and cash.

For example, you only have 3 Credits remaining and decide to buy the 'Friends' Download album. This is priced at £5.99 or 6 Credits, so you could use your remaining 3 credits up, and pay the 'difference' of £2.99 (plus any shipping charges) by Credit Card or PayPal.

This way any 'left-over' Credits can always be used up AND you can purchase items other than just Downloads or Club Releases.

Help! I don't understand any of this!

If you have issues or questions that aren't answered here, you can always contact us directly for more help.

Racket Records Gift Vouchers

Racket Records Gift Vouchers allow you to give Racket Records Credits to a friend or family member to use on their purchases at the Racket Records Online Store

How Much do Racket Records Gift Vouchers cost?

Racket Gift vouchers are priced at 'Face Value' so 10 credits cost £10.00. 20 credits will cost £20.00. Once redeemed, the recipient will have the Racket Records Credits added on to their account as if they had purchased them directly.

How do I redeem a Racket Records Gift Voucher?

After placing an order for a Racket Records Gift Voucher, you will be emailed your normal receipt, plus an additional email with a special PDF Gift Voucher attachment.

This PDF file can be emailed or printed out and given to the recipient - you may need to install the free Adobe Reader software to view the PDF file if you do not already have it installed (visit www.adobe.com and click the 'Get Adobe Reader' button for more details)

The recipient will need to go to www.marillion.com/account and log in to their existing account, or create a new account with us.

Once logged in, they need to enter the unique Voucher Code from the gift voucher in the box marked 'Redeem Gift Voucher'. The Racket Records Credits will then be transferred to their account, ready for them to use at the Racket Records Online Store!

I didn't receive the gift voucher by email.

Don't panic - if you didn't receive your gift voucher PDF, you can visit your Order History in your 'My Account' and simply download the PDF voucher again.

Once the voucher has been redeemed, the 'emergency download function' will be removed from your Order History.

Help! I don't understand any of this!

If, however, you're still unsure - head over to the Forum and we'll do our best to answer your questions. If you still have issues that aren't answered, you can always contact us directly for more help.