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May 21st, 7:24 pm


Ah Montreal. You did it again. Thanks to everyone who cheered, cried, laughed and shook our hands. There are scars in our eyes from a thousand goodbyes indeed. Thank you. ... See moreSee less

Ah Montreal. You did it again. Thanks to everyone who cheered, cried, laughed and shook our hands. There are scars in our eyes from a thousand goodbyes indeed. Thank you.


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Great to be there again. Thank you 🌹

Thank You Marillion. Thank you for creating The Weekends. Thank you for the brilliant music. Thank you for the always fascinating and interesting lyrics. Thank you for traveling a few thousand miles with your crew and equipment. Thank you for traveling and likely leaving your better half (well, except Ian) and families behind to be with us in The Americas for a few days. Thank you for the amazing chemistry between the band members and on stage. Thank you for being so approachable. Thank you for the cool and funny Audience Q&A. Thank you for being you and not compromising your music quality for anyone even under pressure. Thank you for the love you give us on these Weekends and a better way of life. Thank you to all the fans who traveled from near and far to join this truly unique and amazing event. Thank you Montreal and L’Olympia staff for being a great host. I am so proud to be a Marillion fan since your first album and will always be. Thank you for creating unforgettable memories through your magical Weekends.

During a time of great divide you have a way of bringing us together and turning fans into a family of friends. I'm so grateful my husband turned me on to Marillion, you guys made it easy to become a fan. Love, Light & Peace ❤️

Quite possibly three of the best concerts I have ever been to. So wonderful to walk around in Montreal over the weekend or at the airport on Monday and bump into a complete stranger wearing a Marillion baseball cap or a T-shirt and immediately know we had something in common. Hi to the the two fans from Grand Rapids MI who sat with us on the plane back to LaGuardia!

Love MArillion, their music is so peaceful

Such a fantastic experience. The community — the performers, the staff, the crew, the fans — all coming together for “one sacred ritual.” Which was life-sustaining, soul-restoring, and a much-needed reminder of what a better way of life actually looks like. Thank you for anchoring this community, and for continuing to do what you do! We’ll be right there if ever *you* should call...

Thank you for this fantastic moment! The last Marillion concert that I attended was 27 years ago here in Montreal at La Brique on Ste.Catherine in 1992. So this weekend, for me, was like being a kid again. Was more a spiritual experience than a simple music concert - great family vibe!. This is going to be an unforgettable experience for me. Will see you in two years or sooner if I have a chance to catch another show somewhere.

It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I would not trade this past week for anything. I love you all so very much. We are still in Montreal until tomorrow morning, but we miss the standing in line, the camaraderie of the fans, and the culmination of the magical evening with Marillion. If I could attend every weekend event, every concert, I absolutely would. Thank you so much. Sending so much love to all of you. ❤️

See you again in an airport near you. Hapiness is the road.

I can’t even begin to express what this experience meant to me. It was my first chance to attend a weekend and it was more magical than I could have even dreamed. Your music truly takes me to a transformative state where I am in a place of pure feeling no matter if heartbreaking or jubilant it is beautiful. Thank you with my whole heart for giving us everything you have to give and then some with each performance. 🧡

A wonderful weekend for us - a second MW for myself and my wife; and glad to be able to share it with our son for his first of what I think will be several more MW adventures. God bless you all - band, crew, and families.

Thank you for bringing your wonderful music, colorful personalities, and passion for live performance to our side of the pond once again.

Thank you Marillion and Lucy Jordache for making this happen!!!!!!! This was my 3rd Montreal weekend and they’ve all been amazing in their own way. I do think the audience and band connection was unbelievable this time around!!

We are all so grateful and touched by your wonderful and meaningful music in so many ways. I don’t think you all know just how much your Marillion Family loves you💜 Safe travels and get out there and touch some more beautiful hearts~

Ahhh Marillion. You did it again. You have succeeded in bringing together people from different countries with different cultures and making them realize that it is possible to be as one. That it is possible to create bonds of friendship, love, mutual help and sharing among all with peace despite all that is going on in our crazy world. These weekends transcend music that is yet extraordinary. These weekends are tangible proof that it is possible to change the world, one person at a time. Thank you for your music, thank you for wanting to build a better world and lead us into your beautiful madness. You are so much more than a band. You are indeed a way of life.❤

Thank you Marillion for the best concerts I have seen. You inspire the fans to be such a group involved in every song. That is why we all love you.

You’re thanking us??? I humbled to be in your presence. Your music has meant so much to me over the years and has truly helped me through some difficult periods in my life. I have been blessed to be able to have a wife that indulges my love for this band.

Thank you for one of the most memorable times of my life (and my first Marillion Weekend!) Your music means more to me than you can ever imagine. I am not the praying sort, so I will just come right out and beg.....Please come back to Montreal in 2021 - We miss you already!

Thanks for sharing your amazing music with us for three straight nights. My wife and I had a fantastic time!! Safe travels home to all of the Marillion family!

See that right there makes me cry, it’s going to be a long two tears 🤣

15 shows over the course of 19 years, and Night #2 was probably the best Marillion show I've been to. Band, Setlist, and Audience all 10/10

You all give us a magical gift that unfortunately, we don’t get too often. Love you and thank you 🙏🏻 ❣️

Loved seeing all the photos from everyone. Looked amazing as always. Enjoy your few days of rest before Lisbon.xxx

Hope see you once again. The only time was the Brave tour in the Netherlands in the 90's

Best vacation of my life. Thank you, Marillion. ❤️

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May 16th, 4:02 pm


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Thank you guys for a great weekend! We have missed you and hope you come back again soon! Safe travels on your last leg of the weekend tours. Bon Voyages! With love from Montreal. ❤️

um...this is number 5. 2009 then 2011 then 2013 then 2015 and now2019

Hope you have a great time in Canada.

Have an amazing time guys. So wish I could be there.xxx

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend! 💖

Great night last night. Looking forward to tonight!

wish I was there

Where's everybody hanging tonight ?

What a lovely theatre

Enjoy see you in November

Ooh my £17.71 paid for some of that

The fleur-de-lys welcomes thee. <3

Bon week-end Marillion

number 2 for me 🎼🎶🎸🎹🥁🎤❤️👍😀


With you in spirit!

Cameron Packer

Cameron Packer

Have a great time 🙂

On the way!

Welcome back to Montreal


Rick Cares

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May 14th, 8:16 pm


We're here... Are you coming? ... See moreSee less

Were here... Are you coming?


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Greetings from the Frederic Back parkrun crew. Not able to get to the show, but want to profusely thank Mark, as well as Keith and Alice and all the fans and those associated with the group who joined us at parkrun Frederic Back in celebration of Keith's 100th parkrun. It was such a joy to exchange some chitchat with you while enjoying a coffee/tea and doughnut following the run. Those of us who are regulars at this run always have a great time, but your presence made this one absolutely memorable. Thanks for being with us; we'll be looking out for your next gig in Montreal, gig which we WILL NOT miss. Rock On!

I wish!! Leicester was amazing 😀

Hopefully next time 🤩 have a fantastic time! Happy belated Birthday h 🎂🍺🎉🎁 xx

I wish I could be there! Have a wonderful time and Happy Birthday, Mr. h xxx

I wish! Have a great weekend everyone!

Awesome venue. Saw Coldplay there.

No, sorry.. I wish.. I didnt win the jackpot on time... Have a great time Anyway!! ❤ Happy birthday h xx

I wish! Enjoy the weekend everyone!!! 🤟😁😍

So wish I was😓 Have a fantastic weekend guys.xx

Need you in Grand Rapids. My husband is a HUGE fan!

Wish I could. Sending love 💛

Just 160km away but unfortunalty we won't be able to join you this year. Have a wonderful weekend ❤️

We waiting for you! Bienvenue au Quebec!

I’ll be there Wednesday. So excited for the weekend.

I have to wait until Tuesday November 12th this year to see them in Glasgow, it's going to be very a special night for me, because it will be my very first Marillion gig.

Yes! I'll be there for the 3 nights! My 1st ever Marillion Weekend and I just can't wait to see and hear you guys!!! 🤩🤘

No, and Ill tell you why, we went a couple of years ago, your show was outstanding like all the other ones I've seen. The problem with this venue, is standing, standing on the same spot for close to 3 hours is not how I like to see Marillion ans unfortunately, this is the only way. Have a great weekend.

Would love to come, its only a bit to far...😳🙈❤

Just finished my last work day..FREEDOM!😂 See you on Thursday!

Considering it's 2 days later, I must have passed

I'll be arriving from NYC in 67 hours and 23 minutes. My first Weekend in Montreal. See you soon!

Was supposed to go, son got ill. Hopefully you’ll come to New Jersey next tour? Wishful thinking!!

Now in a tram in Amsterdam on my way to the airport. Arriving in the afternoon!

Flying up from New York City Friday!! First stop Brutopia before the show!

I hope you have a ball!

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