“A perfect mirror, Floating in space, Waves and numbers, But oh, such beautiful numbers...”When I Meet God
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February 12th, 1:42 pm


Three out of five of our upcoming Marillion Weekends have sold out. Thank you! Montreal and Poland still have some tickets left so today we are going to focus on reminding you about Poland! Two fabulous support acts (Gleb Kolyadin and Gazpacho) and three nights of Marillion with a different set each night. Plus 'An Audience With Marillion' on the Sunday which is bound to be fun. Come join us in Lodz. ... See moreSee less

Three out of five of our upcoming Marillion Weekends have sold out.  Thank you!  Montreal and Poland still have some tickets left so today we are going to focus on reminding you about Poland!  Two fabulous support acts (Gleb Kolyadin and Gazpacho) and three nights of Marillion with a different set each night.  Plus An Audience With Marillion on the Sunday which is bound to be fun.  Come join us in Lodz.


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Can't wait, first Poland for me xx

And what about a week-end in France someday ?

Come to Madrid !

I'm going to go to Lodz. Can't wait!! This is my first visit to Poland...😊

The best support band lineup by a country mile. Really wish we had those two for the UK weekend

A Blu Ray set of one of the Marillion Weekend shows would be a wonderful thing for those of us who are too far away to travel to any of them! Any chance of that ever happening?

It’ll be our second Poland weekend! Can’t wait!

I was in Lodz last time and it was great, don't hesitate to see beautiful Poland !

Sounds like a brilliant way to spend a weekend!


I wish i could still do international travel at reduced price but alas no more..

Ohhh. My home town has sold out? I really must get round to sorting things earlier. 😞

Just finished listening to Radiation 2013.

If only...

J’attends Paris en décembre!🎤🎹🎧👍

Ich bin mit meiner Freundin Katarzyna dabei 😎🤩


Can’t wait

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February 7th, 10:03 am


Happy 25th Anniversary to Brave. ... See moreSee less


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They say there are must have albums that you should own. I believe this to be one of them. Understandably, some may struggle with its darkness! For me, it's up there with Misplaced Childhood, Clutching at Straws, Marbles & FEAR. I hope they're proud of BRAVE, it is beautifully written And a musical masterpiece! 💕

My favorite album ever, a masterpiece ❤️

What a beautiful masterpiece of an album

I’ve been a fan since about 35BCE And have been to going shows since 1984. However, the first Marillion show that I went to with my then girlfriend, now wife, was during the ‘Brave’ tour. Birmingham Town Hall. She hadn’t really heard the band since ‘K*yl**gh’ was in the charts, nigh on a decade earlier, and had never heard Brave either. Nor ‘Holidays ...’ Nor ‘Seasons End’. So, what she was confronted with was over an hour’s worth of continuous music - a dense storyline that wasn’t exactly the epitome of ‘cheeriness’, and ‘h’ sporting pigtails. She told me after the show that she’d not a clue what was going on, but kinda enjoyed it. Anyhoo, the band obviously did something right. Here we are still together, all these years later. ‘Brave’ is up there amongst my very favourite albums - the last 3rd of the album is especially awe inspiring - but it also has a very special place in my life too. ‘Heading for the Great Escape ...’ 💖

Would be fantastic to hear some or all of it during this year's weekends. Pretty please?

I was so glad when Brave was released. Like many other Marillion fans, I was very sad that Fish left the band but with this album I realised that Marillion were still awesome!! Hogarth 's first two albums were a fresh start but Brave was a proper statement! This band is just amazing.

Genoa, April 1994. My first show and I’m still in love with marillion. One of my best favourite album ever

Indeed! A masterpiece ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ so glad they made this record, took their time and dug deeply to create it. Brilliant dark gem of a journey to listen to all these years 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Masterpiece all the way. Hope they play some parts of it in PZ this year. My first weekend :-)

Let's celebrate with the 25 aniversery Brave tour!

One of the best albums of all time!!Thank you Marillion.

Play it loud with the lights off. Naked. Preferably wearing body paint.

Je pense que jusqu'au dernier moment de ma vie j'écouterai du Marillion ..... happiness is the road 🤘🏻

Masterpiece! Marillion usually produces them in pairs. Misplaced Childhood and Clutching at Straws, Brave and Afraid Of Sunlight, FEAR and.... ;)

Play it in the weekends, please!!!🙏

Only One Word: MASTERPIECE (thanks for any note or word inside this album)

Amazing masterpiece, still loving it! ❤

'Turn off the lights and pump up the volume.. and put on 'Brave'..', my big .. brother used to say to me.. almost every night :)

I only really started properly ‘listening’ to this album a couple of years ago, having had it since it was released, but have to say it’s now definitely my favourite H period album...😊

Best Hogarth album and still sounds as fresh and relevant today. My favourite album alongside Misplaced Childhood and Clutching At Straws.

A masterpiece. And to have seen it live in its entirety twice? So amazing. It’s not as difficult of a listen emotionally as it used to be.

One of my favorite Hogarth albums.

How time flies. It was such a pleasure to work that album and tour. It made a cold winter a bit warmer...

Play it loud, with the lights of

A whole spectrum of emotion. It's my favourite SH album. Saw them perform the whole album twice, because once wasn't enough. <3

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